Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Forever Red"

One day my companion, some other girls and I were talking about the ´´option of going home´´ (none of us were thinking about it, just we were talking about it) and I came up with the great comment that made everyone laugh, ´´you can´t. socially, I´s not an option´´ --sometimes we just laugh. also, coming home from the temple (which is tiny, and good thing i know what I need to say because the guy had a VERY thick spanish accent) and we stopped at the distribution center to get scriptures etc. as I was checking out, the lady, who is native, said in pretty impressively good english, ´´are you a swimmer? because you have very...strong shoulders´´ haha, yep, that´s my life. I told her I did other sports, but obviously my shoulders say ´´swimmer´´ haha. If you can´t tell in the picture, I´m the second tallest hermana at the CCM, which, by tomorrow I will be the tallest since the tallest one is leaving. oh, and another thing aobut height, when the tallest guy in my district gets on his knees, he is the same height as our hermana teacher. haha, it´s great. people are quite short, some aren´t too short though. The other day I was wearing my mom´s bright red dress with shoulderpads that she wore on her mission. A couple of hispano elders whenever they would walk past me and my companion, without any eye contact would say ´´forever. red´´ with a thick spanish accent. we still laugh. I have now gained some new nicknames of ´´forever. azul´´ , ´´forever. rim´´ (I just couldn´t make that half court shot, no  matter how many times i tried) and others of the such. The guys in my district have this thing with excitingly yelling random words. like DEPORTES! or DESAYUNO! (breakfast) MAPACHI! (raccoon) SOY DE UN CHAMPIN!  ( i am a native, ....which they aren´t) ´´ENTONCES!´´ (so) and others of the such...really?! this is what happens when you let 18 year olds on missions. but they are good. ...just a little immature at times. when we were showering after deportes, hermana fitzgerald was talking about a friend from BYU and I couldn´t tell what her name was that she was saying, the name was ´´kristin´´ and I was like ´´christine?´´  NO ´´christina?´´ NO ´´kiersten?´´ NOOOO!!!we´ve had some good laughs about that one.
We have a busy road about 100 ft outside of our bedroom window. and ALL night there are cars and alarms and who knows what making noise out there, we deal with it though, sirens are a usual.
yesterday, on sunday, I was studying the baptismal invitation during one of the videos and on my page where i have it written down i had drawn a picture of jesus being baptized (like the one on the cover of PMG) and this girl behind me noticed it, showed it to her companion, and they were all oooing and awwing over it, then the companion of the girl handed me her journal and asked me to draw her a picture. she chose this tiny picture out of the pmg with christ pulling up a girl from these rocks with a river, and him holding another child in his other arm. it was dark and small, and she wanted it big. I drew the pictures in brown pen, so there is no forgivness if i mess up. after I drew hers, other girls asked me to draw them pictures, I ended up drawing 8 pictures of jesus yesterday, some of which were in people´s journals and front pages of pressure, right? but through blessings, they all turned out well. super scary doing it all in pen. I was kinda a bit famous yesterday, even guys i have never talked to were like, ´´are you the one that draws?´´ and I was like ´´yeah...´´´and then they would ask me to draw them a picture. haha. people are so funny sometimes, but I´m glad i could make them happy. one girl was particularly grateful, i drew the picture of jesus and the women at the well in the front page of her journal, it turned out really well, and she is the sister is very nice and thankful for it.
overall, things are getting easer. not easer to do, but easier to handle. eventhough it feels like we are planning lessons all of the time and can´t even find the time to just read english scriptures or something. it´s intense, but it´s good.
we have this thing called ´´coaching study´´ that one of our teachers (who was also our investigator for the first week, she was disguised as a cook and everything, it´s a tatic, which takes a long time to explain) so coaching study is when they take us by companions into the hall and talk about teaching and what we are feeling and could improve on and give tips and encouragment etc. so this was our first night with our ´´investigator´´ as our teacher. she is SOOO cool and I love her a bunch. she also knows my old guatemalan roommates, jacky and jenni, from glenwood last summer. she shared a lot of tips and guided us. it was a spiritual highlight of the week. she testified and gave support. she talks super fast in spanish, but I actually understand most of it. I usually only miss one word in a sentense, but sometimes that can really leave ya hangin´.
another spiritual highlight was when I was preparing to teach our ´´investigator´´ about the atonement. I really do care about her, even though I know she is only acting. and I wanted her to get this lesson into her heart and have the spirit touch her. I prepared, and prayed, and prepared, and read, and prayed, I just wanted it so badly to go well because i know how the atonement is so important! The lesson went pretty well, however, my companion didn´t feel so hot about it, she didn´t prepare nearly as much as i did for this one. But she did notice how I really stepped into it. I was taking a chance and talking without looking at any notes ( all in spanish) and bearing my testimony to her of the importance of the atonment. It was special to me, if no one else. I tried to take what I got from coaching study and really tired to apply it.
and for another highlight: a couple of elders stopped by to show us an example of teaching and to bear their testimonies. I was walking up the stairs and thought ´´hey look! ít´s missionaries!!´´´and then I realized, oh yeah, we are at the CCM, we are all misisonaries. :D well, they ended up being missionaries who are just about to go home to north america. they are fluent now and they look like well used missionaries for sure. they showed their example, but talked way too quietly and fast, but then bore powerful testimonies in english. it was sooo nice and their testimonies had a lot of emotion and power and spirit. it was great.
I am sad to have the first batch leave tomorrow. the CCM will be almost empty for a day. i have gotten close to almost all of the nortes ( most of the hispanas have different schedules, and the language barrier and everything...we are friends, just not so tight) I know almost all of their names from memory, first and last, and some thing about them. they are all so incredible, and i know they will do great.
the weeks and days are finally speeding up a bit, i hear these next few weeks fly by. I´ve got to go, but love you all!
con amor, Hermana Hutchins.

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