Monday, August 5, 2013

David ArchulettaVisits the CCM

So my birthday was great. All I could have ever dreamed my 20th birthday in the MTC would be. Plety of people were suprised I was only turning 20. I got sung to I think ....7 times. yes. Latinas know how to celebrate somebody. Sisters were coming up giving me hugs who I don´t think I´ve ever talked to before. I got two hostess cupcakes stacked on eachother with a used non-lit candle in the middle. My distict also made me a card and wrote little notes in it. My roommate made me a balloon squid/octopus thing, that was nice. And the Devotional movie was super good too. It was Elder Holland talking about missionary work and the improvment with pmg and other stuff. I really really liked that devotional.
I am almost done drawing pictures in my district´s book of mormon inside covers. Only one of my teachers left (good thing too, because my brown pen is almost out of ink)
There is a strange obsession with rasins in the food here. My district complains about this weird rasin feddish because they all hate raisins. I don´t have any problem with them in my rice, and banna bread, and stirfry and...yeah.
the girls in my district also have a strange obsesssion with ice cream. we can get an icecream after lunch and dinner (if they still have any) and they always look forward to the day the ice cream shipment comes. A girl yesterday said that she was more excited for choco-conos than emailing home. priorities.
also, we are so excited to go to walmart tomorrow. the things that make missionaries happy.I figure we will be very easy to please by the time we get home.
So deportes is always fun and exciting. The other day a girl in my district rolled/sprianed her ankle on a water drain. She is on crutches now and is doing alright. she is super independant and stubborn, but I can be too. Right after it happened I carred her up the stairs into her room. She couldn´t walk at all, she was secretly appreciative, she is just so sweet, and stubborn. I carry her bag around for her, I asked her today if she wouldn´t mind leaving the cinderblock at home next time, I have no idea what makes that bag SO heavy.
Also at deportes. one of the teachers challeneged all of the girls in my district to do a 3 minute plank (an exercise where you hold a position similar to a pushup) I haven´t done one of those since hs I think. He offered a giant chocolate bar if any of us could do it. All but me and one other girl did it. However, he also challenged us to "max out" on the leg lift machine. He couldn´t even do it (but he is guatemalan) I could do that 200lb lift easily. He was impressed, most of the other girls couldn´t even do it once. We all have different strengths.
Also at deportes. Since someone accidentally threw the volleyball over the fence...again. we kind of ended up talking with our teacher and chillin in the rain the other night. I asked deep spiritual questions like "what is a great contributing experience to your testimony" or "where/how do you feel the spirit expecially strongly?" and so on. so for every three people to answer my question, they would ask me a not-so-spiritual question like "what is your most embarassing moment?" Any of my friends would probably think my questions are just the "classic deb" kind of questions.
I got a 40 personal coaching study the other day. it was great. Hermana melgar (the one in the picture that is not attached to this file) is so great. I feel like we have been good friends for years. We talked a lot about the first week compared to this week and how far I´ve come. It is really neat to look back and see the growth.
last night for the sunday evening devotional we watched an old missionary devotional with elder ballard. But one of the special musical numbers was david archuletta singing "the spirit of God" It was funny to see all of the girls ooo and ahhh over him, on a movie devotional. it was quite hilarious actually to see those sister missionaries be soooo...ya know.
We watched, a couple of nights ago, a mormon message with elder holland talking about the book of mormon and the testimony people have of that great book. It was a really neat experience.
mom and grandma and grandpa, I know hermana Brown from Paige. ps.
since yesterday was fast and testimony meeting, I got up to bear my little spanish testimony. It was really good, I was nervous, but it was good. That meeting was nice, I could understand a lot of what was being said.
Susan thinks I sugar coat for susan....We sit in class a lot, plan lessons a lot, struggle with spanish a lot (solo español), we get bug bites a lot, we are tired a lot, computers don´t always work and there is never a keyboard with two good little lifty things in the back to make it tilt up ( a pet-peeve of mine). we go to the baño a lot. we pray a lot. so yeah. life of a missionary at the CCM.
The people around me are amazing. I just love them so much, I am sure going to miss them a bit when I get out into the field. The kids here are adorable, they are so polite too, I got a hug from a little boy the other day with the look on his face of "I´m only doing this because my mom wants me to" but it was adorable, he was probably 5 years old.
I am really growing into the CCM life, so i guess since I´m getting comfortable, it´s time for a change.
field here i come in 2 weeks!
"if ye love me, feed my sheep" It´s time to leave the old life behind and start a life of service in behalf of the lord. I am grateful for the blessings of the gospel in my life, I am excited to share the joy.
with much love, Hermana Hutchins

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