Tuesday, August 27, 2013

not even a plate of rasins could ruin this week

Wendy- if you get this, let me know, I don`t know your email, so I`m just gonna guess. ps, I hope you are doing great!
This is my last email from the ccm, I`ll be in the field in a week, so I won`t be emailing in a week from now, and about dear elders, If you sent one this last sunday, it`ll get to me, but the next one will have to go to the field. I`m the east mission, but if it  doesn`t have that option, choose north. I`m assuming the mission home is still the same for the east that it used to be for the north because it`s the same mission president. that address is:

Start everything with HERMANA in the heading, it makes it go through customs without question, and no need for any jesus/vergin pictures on the outside of anything. so yeah....
Guatemala Guatemala City East Mission
avenida Reforma 8-60, zona 9, officína 505
Apartado Postal 921-A
01009 Guatemala City

letters are always fun

So the weird obsession with rasins (or the anti-obsession might be a better way to put it) with my district girls continues on. The other day we had a bunch of favorite foods like casi cafe rio and churros. it was declared a day that "not even a plate of rasins could ruin this day". The phrase is now used for many-a-good things. 

I accomplished a goal this week. ....make up a pun-joke in spanish that even the natives would laugh at... that was a good moment. Rasins are called pasas and after we asked the hispana about what raisins are called I said "¿que pasa?" witch ususally means what`s up or what`s going on, but with the joke it means, "what raisin?" yes it was on purpose, and yes, she did laugh. 10 points for griffindor! 

We have picked up some catch-phrases for our district of little things we laugh at.
The other day in relief society the teacher (who I think is a temple worker or something) gave this lesson. This lady has a love for the liahona, and I quote "Wow! how loaded it was! it was reaaaaaaaallllly good." and later in the lesson when she opened up the liahona, "lookie where I`m looking". yeah, she used to be an elementary school teacher. This stuff never gets old. 
one other ...a girl in my district said, "I feel like a woman!"...someone other girl in my district who is on that time of the month, " I hate that feeling."   consequently, we all had a good laugh. 

I have special talents...particularly height. I still stand as the tallest woman at the mtc after our new batch of missionaries. (ps, mary Griffin from byu 82 is here, I was hoping I would know somebody new comming, so for all of those people who say that I ALWAYS know somebody, it still stands true, ALSO my old roommate jacky ayala may be coming to the CCM this week, which would be AWESOME. well, yeah, if jacky comes ( native to guatemala) I hope we get some time to talk in spanish. Over a year ago she would help teach me spanish and help practice reading the scriptures and pronounciation and all. It would be cool to talk with her because now I can speak fairly fluently (in gospel topics of course) and small talk conversations. It is neat to see the progress. 
okay, so yeah, I`m tall and the other day my teacher had me come up to write on the white board because she couldn`t reach the top. small services....or should I say, "tall services" ;)
This place is under construction, as I said before, and the other night at 10:45 ( 15 minutes after lights out) we all hear a rushing water sound ( which was weird because the water was off...again, without any warning from the construction workers.) yep, so rushing water, we all go out in the hall to check if things are alright to find a waterfall coming from the celing. A pipe upstairs must have broke, but they got it stopped pretty shortly there after, however, the hall and most of the bedrooms were flooded, some of the girls in the first room were kneeling to pray and then noticed the water leaking in through their door. Luckily our room was unaffected because ...I guess the floors aren`t level here or something, I don`t know, but I find it to be a blessing. we shoved an extra sheet under the door crack just to be safe. all is well in zion, except for the carpeted stairs and moldy celing tiles. sister Fitzgerald, in my district said the next day, "guys, if our hallway floods tonight, I`m slip-n-slidin`, I`m not kidding". that`s hermana fitzgerald for yeah. 

English is awful. ha. we were trying to figure out a spanish concept and my teacher was trying to find a good example in english....we couln`t find one. I decided that if we were to have an "irregulars" english sheet ( we have a little sheet of our common spanish irregulars) that the english "sheet" would have to be a book! swim...swam...swum???? who knows!

our teacher, when we do practice teaching to her, has a scarf and glasses she puts on and her name is magically laura. well, the other day she opened up a little bag with her markers and there was LAURA`s scarf!  ;) we were all "in shock" and said, "what did you do to laura!" in a distressed and exasperated voice. our teacher is like 4-11 on a good day, definately an investigator snatcher ;)

my other teacher has a dad and brothers with the names of jose josé and josué. wow, really?!

I got 4 half court shots in a row the other night...if anyone cares. I thought it was cool. and our "6-week pull-up plan" is coming along nicely. 

Rachelle larsen will appreciate this, if you turn a basic 4 generation blank geaneology chart on it`s side (so in the shape of a pyramid) and put an angel moroni on the top, it looks like a temple. Aren`t mormons cute?! we got that one in rs. 

well, really quick. we watched a video clip by elder holland and elder erying that I would entitle "salvation isn`t easy" but I think it`s called "the atonement and missionary work" look it up, it`s worth it! it was a great experience. I have been thinking, it seems like asking these people to change their lives and to give up a lot of things that they currently enjoy and to pay tithing, and keep the sabath day holy, and obey the word of wisdom...( and so on) well this talk made me realize that it`s okay because salvation isn`t easy. Who would think that this would be easy. If it wasn`t so hard, I wouldn`t think that it would be as worth it as it will be. I know that salvation is worth it. and perserverar hasta el fin ( perservering to the end) is worth it. I have a testimony of this gospel and that we have a prophet today and that he receives revelation for the world from our heavenly Father. I know that families can be together forever. I know that Heavenly Father has asked us to do some hard things right now, but that it is for our good and growth. we will realize that with charity we will want to be obedient.

gotta go. love ya! sister hutchins. ...wait, that`s my mom. Hermana Hutchins.

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