Sunday, September 15, 2013

Let us all press on

ok. another week.

here is my mailing address. Please use HERMANA hutchins for any packages (I don't expect any).

hermana Hutchins
Mision guatemala este
apartado postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.

for the comic relief of the week. Another one of those "gotta share this with the fam" moments. In church on sunday, we were singing the closing hymn. We don't have someone to play the poor electric piano (I'm the best one there), so we sing a capella. I would probably try to play, but everyone sings in a lower key here because people don't really have a bunch of singing talent here in general, or maybe it's just that people aren't shy to sing, even if they don't have the skill. well, either way, we were singing the closing hymn "we sing we now at parting" or something like that, to the tune of "let us all press on". not on purpose. That was special. My American companion and I got a a good chuckle out of that one. like really?! does no one know how to read music here? haha. 

I taught the basic docterine class on sunday...and I didn't even die! wahoo! it's super intimidating because I don't know what the people's comments are, so If they say something wrong, or go off on a tangent, I don't know how to fix it. But everything went well! and I could understand (mostly). yay. 

Saturday we had a baptism! I am randomly attaching a photo, I hope it is of the baptism, I don't know for sure. She is super super sweet and this day was very special for me, especially when she was in the water and acted with faith. This girl is the one who I committed to baptism my first active day in the field, so that was really neat. 

We had Zone conference this week. It was pretty sweet to see more missionaries. We traveled 4 or 5 hours each way, but I really enjoyed the lessons shared and it got me more pumped as a missionary, so I think it was worth it. However, we were the only sisters there, I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to meet more sisters. Guys are cool and all, but when you are unavailable, and they are unavailable, being in a room with a 10 to 1 boy to girl ratio isn't all that exciting.

We continue to see miracles in our lives!
just this morning a woman on a motorcycle, well, two women (because who puts just ONE person on a motorcycle around here), oh yeah, and one of them is pregnant. well, they crashed on the motorcycle in the middle of the road right in front of us as we were waiting to meet up with some elders. It scared me, like a lot, to realize I could have just watched a pregnant women die right in front of me. But she didn't! she walked away with some bad scrapes, and some sore muscles, I was also able to help her out because I had some clean water and handsanitizer on me. And the other lady was un harmed. I don't know how that happened. but I am grateful I didn´t have to witness a death. kind of a strange blessing, but I am very grateful. 

another great moment this week. 
We have an investigator who has been waiting for an interview with the mission president because of some past life situations he had to clear up. well. This guy has been waiting for over a year, and has been going to church, with his baptised family, hoping that one day he can one day enter the waters of baptism too. This last week president watts was here for some random reason and we asked him if he could interview this hermano, he knew who we were talking about and his voice did NOT seem hopeful. we were all a bit bummed, but kept a hope and faith that it would turn out well. Saturday morning he had the inverview aaaaaaaaaaand HE CAN BE BAPTIZED! We all know that this is a huge blessing for this family, and we hope to see them go through the temple in a year from now. I love there little 10 year old girl, Debra. She doesn't know that my name is Deborah, but she is like my little friend here. I am so happy for them. Faith is real. Miracles are real. 

I'm not sure if all of the blessings because it is my companion's last month, or if it because it's my first, but whatever it is, I am grateful for them!

This week has been a bit difficult because of the random stuff going on, and I am still adjusting to thought of being here for a year and a half. It's quite intimidating honestly, but I hope that I can become the missionary for our Padre Celestial that He wants me to be. I sorta feel like this is another step in the "plan of salvation"....and then, after earth life is mission life where you have to put to practice everything you learned in earth life, and teach people about everything you have learned, and grow in patience, and love, and Christ-like attributes. and then after mission life you go back to earth life...haha. yep. this is my life. 

Let us all press on!
thank you for the support, love, and prayers!

con amor, Hermana Hutchins.

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