Monday, December 30, 2013

Guatemalan Missionary-Christmas

Looking back, I realize it was Christmas this past week. 

People don't really do much for Christmas day, but we did get invited over to Lunch at the releif society president's house. 

Tomales and fireworks are the two biggest things about christmas here. At midnight, Christmas eve, people stay up to Eat dinner (tomales) and everyone sets off fireworks, and without any government regulations, it was a pretty sweet fire work show. We went out on our balcony and could see in almost a complete circle. There were fireworks going off for more than 15 minutes. Everywhere.

 I think I ate 5 tomales in 3 days. I'm pretty sure we have some more in the fridge, but probably the worst ones. The winner goes to my Land lady. 

But my favorite part of Christmas was in the evening when we went out and proselyted. We had prepared a Christmas message about Christ and the atonement. It was pretty good. Going out Christmas night, just like the angel proclaiming to the shepheards, we proclaimed of Jesus Christ and his divine mission. That, was a cool moment. We even got into a house that was big and decorated all beautifully. I really enjoyed their kindness and the opportunity to see one beautiful Christmas tree this year. 

I don't think I have any whitty or crazy moments for this week. I'm still alive, and so is my family. The famous missionary christmas call was made, however, most of the time was spent me talking about Guatemala. 

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