Tuesday, January 14, 2014

there are fruits!

This week we got to see some fruit!

fasting really does bring miracles. The last two months, when we fast, we find a person that is super ready to be baptised that same sunday. It's pretty neat. 

One of the less active families that we had been working pretty hard with has come to church 3 times now, and the mother was just called to be the first counselor in the Relief Society. She is super cool and is now willing to help us out with the missionary work. I wonder what happened? Maybe they finally read Alma 5 like we had left them with...That chapter is powerful, I would suggest it to all. 

We hit some really great numbers this week, which felt really good. We are excited for some of these families who could be some potentially really great investigators and member families. wow. There was one night we were with this family who had received missionaries about 2 years ago. They are a really sweet family, but they only had gone to church once. We went searching in "antiguos investigadores" ...ancient investigators.... in our area book to see what info we could find about them. at first we couldn't find their sheet. but then hna ynjo remembered that we had divided the area, and they used to live in the other half, so maybe the paper would be in the other stack. it was! we found them, what the elders had put, and on the top of the page they had written "LOOK FOR THEM!" the last comment they had was that they have some really good potiential, but maybe it was just the work for some future missionaries. and here we are! We had a really neat night with them. I could feel some great spirit. I hope this all goes well. 

haha. We were teaching the investigator sunday school class this sunday, and I was making a comment after my companion and I said ( in spanish) "I testify what my companion, Hermana Ramirez said...."   yeah.. hermana Ramirez USED to be my companion. she is still giving me a hard time about that. 

I enjoyed some cereal today in the mall. I brought my own spoon, bowl, and milk. that was fun. 

I got my package from my family! thank you for everything! It was so perfect. My companion really liked the picture of me when I was like 1 years old in the white dress with blue polka dots...she made a copy of it at the kodax store. 

My companion has been helping me with my pronunciation. I read the book of mormon to her...well, el libro de mormon, and she helps me to improve with words and how to prounouce certain letters that are similar, but different. She says that sometimes I sound native. NATIVE! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. now, if I could just sound that good all of the time. and then If I could learn like a few hundred more words, I'll be set..oh, and all of the rules too. yeah. languages. 

I am happy for my little sister in the ccm....mtc, in provo. She's rockin it. 

Thank you thank you for all of the support, prayers, letters...especially letters. and love. wow. thank you! 

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