Monday, November 18, 2013

"Hermana Hutchins, spreading the gospel....and germs." -Hermana Ramirez

I Know my blood type now! 
O negative (sad I know) 

Well this weeks letter isn't gonna be as long because I spent quite a few days not doing too much this week. I can officially say that I have stayed in a Guatemalan hospital over night (two nights actually). 
The story goes down like this:
Wednesday morning, I wake up, jump rope, study, we go out to teach lessons. Almost all of the lessons fell through, which means that there is a lot of walking, not a lot of sitting, and a lot of time in the hot sun. My legs were really tired and I just assumed it was because I had exercised that morning, but I was still unsure as to why they were so tired. The chances I did get to sit I took them (there are usually not enough chairs for everyone to sit, and we don't have a bunch of inside lessons in the middle of the day because it is so hot inside).Later my head hurt, my body hurt, my ear hurt, I got a fever and by the end of the night I whispered to my comp to catch me if I pass out. 

I didn't pass out, but on the way home we stopped for flour tortilla. I figured if I was dying the last food I would want to eat is a flour tortilla.

I fell straight asleep once we got home around 8pm. The next day stayed at hermana Cucul's house as my other two comps went out and worked. I just slept and read "our search for happiness" all day. I had a bad nose run, and I was coughing a lot. Rough day, but kinda nice to get some time to read. 

The next day we went to planning in the morning, I felt pretty bad, and was not sure if I would be able to go out and work that afternoon. I ended up calling the nurse because I was concerned about my one eye that was all red and sick looking, as well as my piling up of health problems. The nurse had us go to the doctors to do some other stuff that my companions and I needed to do, but they warned us that they might try to keep me there over night, so to prepare for that.

well, it happened. It turns out I had Pneumonia. They gave me an IV and everything. I think I got a total of 7 shots in the behind....ouch. and a bunch of medicine. 

It is weird to be treated as a patient in a different language. People were surprised when I could speak and understand spanish. However, my medical vocab in spanish is not as large as my gospel vocab.

One of the doctors thought I was from Germany. 

Our land lady came by the hospital and brought us some food (she is so sweet) apparently she thought I was from Italy. 

So I was in a Guatemalan Hospital for a total of 48 hours. I think I had about 6 or 7 nurses/ doctors work on me during this time, none of whom used gloves....yeah, it's Guatie. 

I'm still kickin, but I am pretty weak. My companions are in the capitol right now doing Hermana Ynjo's visa work, and I'm chillin with the other sisters in the Puerto Barrios area. I feel better, but once I do stuff, I get tired fast. I hope I get better quick so I can get back to work. I don't really know what's gonna happen tomorrow. I'll just take it easy today, and go from there. 

Prayers are always appreciated. I'll be fine though, so don't get too worried or anything. 

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  1. Sister Hutchins-- I am so sorry you have not been feeling well. I know prayers are being offered up on your behalf.