Thursday, November 7, 2013

The weird looks you get for being white

I think the weirdest look I have ever received I received today. In a bathroom, from this guatemalen boy while I was playing a recorder (those flute things) and talking in english as well. I have never seen someone's face so confused. But what I have to say to that is....Why was a boy in the GIRLS bathroom?

Halloween was like nothing here. but they do do this dia de santos for the 1 and 2 of november where ´people go to the cementary and decorate the graves and repaint them if they need it and eat lunch or something there. We bought some pretty good dulce de leche that they were selling out side of the cementary. 
Our extent of halloween celebrations was that there was this rag up to dry on our line that has holes in it that looked like a gost face and there are some pretty big spiders and wicked webs in our celing rafters. We're legit here. 

I saw Ashley Whitten and Avery Skinner on the devocional on sunday...It was cool to think that there they were right then... a little sense of connection. It was good to see my friends, but at the same time, it was a little heart tugging. I really did like that devocional though, we listened to it in spanish, but I could really understand almost all of it. It is hard to keep the focus for so long though, but it is always great to hear from a church authority, it was so inspiring and filled with the spirit. 

I am overall happier this week than I was last week. I am figuring one of the biggest lessons I hope to learn on my mission is how to be happy continually. I know sad things will happen, and I won't  always be happy, but I want to always have a good attitude filled with hope and enthusiasm. 

Oh, I had this touching experience this week with one of the members we go out with for divisions. We were crossing this muddy muddy area and my foot pretty much got plastered with mud, and I was slipping around in my shoes and it was a bit dangerous as we crossed this sketchy bridge. Well, what happened is she got some water had me rinse my feet and she dried my shoes (crocs...the best) with her towel and had me dry my feet. I felt so served and really humble. Someone washed my feet. was touching. 

I am enjoying studying and learning. I have learned so much from my companions and I hope to be able to share more time with them by making it through the next transferr together. let's hope! We are really good friends and have a lot of love for eachother. 

I would like to say to all of the members reading this.....please volunteer to go out with the missionaries. They need your help. The investigators need friends and support. Just reach out to someone...and great shall be their joy [for those that bring souls unto christ]. 

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