Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cook in the Capital

This week we had interviews with the Mission president, his wife, and the Assistants to the presidents (AP's). And tomorrow we have a mission meeting in the capital, and then on wednesday, we have a tri-mission meeting with Elder Cook (like the one in the quorum of the twelve....not just some random missionary). We are all looking forward to that. 

The interviews were helpful. I was asked questions that got me thinking in a different way. I was able to feel the spirit clearly and receive some personal revelation as to what I need to do to continue improving. I am grateful for the wise cousel of my leaders, and their inspiriation. I could tell that Presidente Watts was receiving revelation as to what to say through the spirit that was felt, what he said, and how he said it. It was a neat experience. 

I had a good moment with the AP when he was asking how we are doing with certain goals of the mission. It was really neat to say that we have actually been focusing on those areas in specific and have seen some good progress. He was also impressed when we had a sheet in our area book that we record which recent converts are coming to church and how many people are in the chapel for sacrament meeting. He said that we were the only companionship who had made a sheet without being asked specifically to do so. It was on the mission plan list, so we did it, just turned out to be good. they really liked the layout of it and hope to design one of the computer. 

Not everyweek is a high dat week, hopefully this week will be better...but we are going to the capital for two days.....well, we have a baptsim (actually two) planned for friday this week. and a big activity planned for the ward to help with missionary work this saturday. We are looking forward to it. I hope it turns out well. 

Reading Ether 12:27 (the scripture about weak things becoming strong) seems to be really applicable to me, right now. I definately have some big faults that make a lot of this difficult, but I think that this message, to be humble and have faith and then see how the weak things can become strong will be really good. 

Extra bonus. We have plans to get hermana Ynjo's patriarchal blessing when we are in the capital. I was explaining to her what it is and such (she is a convert) she is really looking forward to it and so am I. This girl is incredible. I am so blessed to have this great companion to help me learn.  

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