Tuesday, January 28, 2014

wow, what a week!

Last week, I finished the week of with some good interviews. 
this week. 

monday p day
tuesday mission meeting in the capital, so good to see everyone. There was some really neat things said and some testimony built. 

wednesday tri-mission meeting in the capital with elder cook (of the 12) and other general authorities. 

What was said in that conference was just what I needed. Seriously. It seems to me like the interviews I had saturday, and the meeting tuesday was to prepare me to receive what I needed to on wednesday in this conference. 
It was litterally life-changing / mission changing. 
The next day I got home and wrote down some lines that I really liked and put them on a card so I can review them fequently. some of the things I can remember off of the top of my head right now:

I am a representative of Jesus Christ
As a disciple of Christ, I do what He would do if He were here. 

Now is the time to be kind. 
love the people
eliminate making fun of others actions, even if it is in good fun
love your mission president and his wife. 

if you think this is a sacrifice, you will be sorry for yourself
if you think this is a privelidege, you will feel joy, every day

this is where you ought to be

Those are just a few of the thoughts I had written down, hopefully I will get some more for next week. 
I enjoy reading the letters from my missionary friends. I have some really inspiring people in my life. I know some of the comments they make help them, their families, their friends, and others. 

I also had a great privelidge of going with hermana Ynjo to get her patriarchal blessing. It was a really sweet experience. I am really glad that I got to be with her for that. 

We also had a baptism this week. Christofer is 13 and is a great example for his less active parents, the mom is reactivating and the little sister wants to get baptised soon too. There are great blessings to see a family reuniting in the gospel. 

We ALSO did this big mission activity for the ward. We set up the rooms in the chapel to be parts of the plan of salvation. Members participated, investigators came, the spirit was strong. Especially in the "celestial room" with the Ramirez family. When the people came in, they began to "thank us" for the good that we had done, how we were faithful, how we were baptised, how we went to church everyweek, did FHE everyweek, read scriptures, said prayers, did service and so much more. it was really really beautiful. I will hopefully send some more pictures so you guys can see more. It was pretty legit for our guatie opportunities. 

I can feel a real difference. This week has helped a lot. I hope to be a much better person than who I was when I left for my mission. I have a lot to learn, but my eyes are being opened. Thank you for the prayers! 

Love to all! 
Hermana Deb Hutchins

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