Thursday, February 13, 2014

mission, round 2.

Zacapa. My new area is pretty great. It is smaller than my old one, but a lot more hilly and ...still hot. I''m in for a treat when april rolls around. 

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it is winter here. We were eating lunch one day when we realized that the olympics were on. It really took me a minute to think if it is winter or summer olympics right now. Winter. but there is a  reason why winter olympics aren't held in guatemala. 

My new companion, Hermana Potrie, is great. She is from California in the same mission as my sister susan. My companion speaks pretty good spanish, especially for only having 5.5 months as a missionary. She has lot of love for people, and teaches with the spirit. I have been blessed with some of the charity that I have been praying for, and all of the prejudice that I shouldn't have ever had, is gone. It's a humbling experience to be in a new area as senior comp, but not knowing how to lead without knowing the area and how things work here. I'm learning a bunch of new names everyday, I sure hope they stick. All of the memebers and recent converts here love hermana Winward (the old comp of hna. potrie) I have a LOT to live up to and to get these people to accept me. Hna. winward is very different from me, but I hope to do a good work with my time here, in Zacapa. 

I had a good experience teaching the first half of the plan of salvation the other day. The woman and her children didn't know very much of anything with the gospel (at least that is what we understood) so I was explaining the purpose of this life. I talked about Christ and his atonement being center and key to this plan. How we need to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ, have faith in him, repent, be baptised, and endure to the end with the guide of the holy ghost. To have a family, teach them these things, get a body, and proove faithful to Jesus Christ. Afterward, my companion asked the investigator what she thought about what I said, the woman said that everything that I had said was beautiful. success! I was able to share something, docterine, beautifully, I hope with the spirit, and with enough spanish skill not to kill the beauty of the message.

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