Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ALL things testify there is a God.

So my comps family sends her stuff. which means.....I get stuff too. score. This week we were pleasantly suprised with delicious turkey jerky and jelly bellys, costco size. so good! we have very much so enjoyed planning sessions. especially our 3 our weekly planning. after eating jelly bellies for 3 hours we thought that we should probably stop. However, with our gift of jelly bellies, a note of warning calls to us. The dreadful COFFEE flavored brown one. which is really close to the root beer colored brown one. like, I can't tell the difference, and that's saying something if I can't tell a difference in color. well,   we have devised ways to avoid the coffee ones, did you know they actually have coffee in them? yeah, fun fact. ...#missionprobs. (yeah, I just used a "hash tag" sometimes I feel cool)

well, I am here to testify of Christ and His docterine. 
 Yesterday, we were talking with some recent converts who are teenagers, who we visited saturday night, but STILL didn't come to church. what?! well, talking to them sunday night, they were saying how they have all of their things to do and don't have time to go to church. But really, we all know that their time just wasn't organized correctly. If we put God first, the rest will work out. I am a witness of this. I'm not sure how, but it does. Just like the cute young womens example of putting the big rocks in the jar before the sand and little rocks, if we do the important things first, it works, if we don't, it doesn't all fit. I testify that this is true. That is it important to put important things first!

If I had more time I could make a cool gospel connection to avoiding the coffee flavored jelly beans. there is always a gospel connections. as alma, or amulek says "all things testify that there is a grand creator" all things testify of God. even avoiding coffee flavored jeally beans. 

I am glad with the goodness that I get to witness and learn from. I am grateful for tender mercies.  I am grateful for good friends and parents, family, and others. I am also grateful for my socks that I rolled up in a ball and threw against a wall for my exercize in the morning....yes, I'm getting desperate, but creativity will make things work.  

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