Monday, February 3, 2014

Adios Barrios

Well, I have changes....just as I thought I would. Finishing up 5.5 months in Puerto Barrios has been good. wow. five and a half months, in my first week, I probably wouldn't beleive that 5.5 months would ever actually come. Now that it has, I'm scared to leave.
I am going to Zacapa. Out side of the captial...still. Not very many people have two areas outside of the cap. But I'm not too many people. It's gonna be hot, but it's dry there from what I hear.
my comp. She is from america, has 5.5 months as a missionary (including the 6 weeks from the MTC) aaaaaaaaaand I'm gonna, I guess, pretend that I can understand spanish all of the way. I think we will live, but I'll probably do something wrong, "not listen" to someone, and probably offend somebody. but It'll be okay.
The primary was super sweet and gave me and hna. Zuniga (she is done with her mission) a necklace and a ring and wrote their names on a card and sang us a song and took a picture with us. They were pretty cute all giving us hugs and kisses. I love these kids, I hope someday I'll get to work in the primary (probably just cursed myself....that's okay).
apparently I'm a pretty good catch. There was this old man and his wife that we contacted and were talking to, and by the end of the conversation he was telling me that I needed to choose wisely a good husband ...." you have beautiful hair, your eyes are beautiful, you body is perfect; what more could someone ask!? " I said thank that awkward, thanks old man, I'm glad you think I'm super pretty, try telling that to the boys back in Provo. There was also this other woman who couldn't stop staring at my eyes, it was kinda weird, but I understand, I'M not even sure what color my eyes are.
funny story. My comp, hna Ynjo, and I were laying in the hammock together (feet to head) one night, after planning, and then we heard the rope break a bit, we looked at eachother with scared faces, and about a second later, the whole rope broke and we fell to the floor. I was pretty scared to hit my head or something, but the both of us were fine. Good stories like falling from a hammock are always fun.
The Liahona is AMAZING I understand why hna. Ramirez would spend hours reading the liahona in her spare time. I read almost all of the issue for january in one sitting. The messages from God to his children are real and continuing. We have a profet today that helps leads the church of Jesus Christ. He receives revelation, as well as the other general authorities which are pertinate to our day. I am grateful to have so many wonderful resources learn from and build my faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ.
the pictures are of me and the primary (and their leaders) and on a pretty sketchy bridge that needs new wood almost every time it rains. I get scared to cross that bridge, that day wasn't too bad at all.

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