Monday, October 14, 2013

Deborah Ann Hutchins, great: mother, missionary, doctor, and pancakes.

I have suprisingly encountered multiple tomb stone storries this week. "Deborah Ann Hutchins  great: mother, missionary, doctor, and pancakes." This discription for my tombstone was given to me by my comp hna Ramirez this week after I made her gluten-free corn pancakes ( which were pretty great). We have been getting a bit creative these days because of my companion's newly diagnosed dificulty of having Celiacs disease. (gluten intolerance)  If anyone knows of someone who has this disease, they know that it is kinda a big deal when it comes to eating. It can be pretty frustrating and difficult to adapt your life too. But if you think it is difficult in america, try to imagine this in Guatemala. When you go to the biggest grocery store around find 5 or so different cereal types, no corn syrup, EVERYTHING in a tienda has gluten in it, it feels like. Well, back to the tombstone story. So I made these pancakes after I got a hold of some baking powder (the lady at the tienda said it was baking soda but I was looking for powder anyway, so that was good). After cooking the now called "corn cake" and taking a bite I instantly walked into the room with my comp and had her try it. Her face was dumbfounded with pleasure. She blessed my mother for all of the cooking skills that I have. She was also very pleased with the no-bake cookies I was able to come up with. These are a couple of our favorite gluten-free snaks so far.  (p.s. everything we have made is without a recipie) Well, after that she went of this buisness idea (she's a buisness major) of how I am going to make gluten-free pancakes, make bank, go to school, be a doctor or something for a while, go back into my corncake buisness, paint jesus pictures for my corncake boxes and end up super rich (the full-length idea is more complex and detailed). So essentially she explained my life plan to me which also included the phrase for my tomb stone. 

oh, and for anyone who wants to be of help to me and my comp. We are looking for gluten-free ideas/ recipies. If you know someone who has celiacs disease, could you talk to them and ask what some of their favorites are? but just remember that we are in a third-world-country where we can't use an oven and they don't really have a lot to work with at the grocery stores. There isn't anything really especially "gluten free" but we are getting creative. and we don't have corn syrup here either. 

My other tomb stone story is that we went to the cementary today for p-day. I'll send a picture instead of explaining it. but we did happen to find a bone laying around there...which wasn't that suprising. it's guatemala, you take things as they come. 

The praise for my mother continues as she gets buckets-full of compliments for my skirts. I was called a barbie the other day because of my beautiful skirt.....and white skin. haha. 

the other day at this investigators house we drank "agua de coco" (coconut juice) straight out of coconuts. it was legit. I wish we had our cameras, but we didnt´t. 

sometimes me and hermana ynjo like to dance to the music of our telephone. it's not that great, but it's something to laught about. 

Before we head out in the mornings we kneel and say a companionship prayer. I offered the prayer and in it I prayed for good weather, and that it wouldn't be too hot. (I knew we had hours of contacting a head of us) It was a little funny, but I was sure real about it. God hears and answers prayers. We received a good cooler day with nice breezes. The little things Heavenly Father will do for his missionaries means a lot to me. 

I am trying to apply docterine of conference in my life. The one I am focusing on now is the love for my Heavenly Father. I know that it is the most important thing for me to focus on now. 

I am doing really well, and I am especially happy that I can meaningfully help my companion, Hermana Ramirez with her new challenge with the food. It is pretty much what one of my life plans options are ( to design food for people who have diet restrictions, like celiacs disease) We get a long really well, and are super good friends. Hna. Ynjo (the greenie from peru) is adorable and a great missionary. I can't complain. I feel SO BLESSED to have really great companions.

Thank you for all of the help and support!

my old trio (for reals this time)

one of me at the castle. big people don't fit here.

we have this inside joke of "wheelbarrows of inspiration"

poem for the day:
by wiliam carlos wiliams (I memorized this in high school)

so much depends
upon the red wheelbarrow
glazed with rainwater
beside the white chickens

we talked about this poem for like a half hour on the bus a couple of weeks ago for like at least 30 minutes. 

one of the cementary 

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