Sunday, October 6, 2013

That awkward moment when you think your water bottle spilt, but it's actually your sweat

So it's pretty hot here. and humid. And the other day we had a primary activity of "missionary for a day" 3 people showed up! hey, that's like 1/4 of the active primary children, and for a saturday afternoon, it was good. We went to the mercado and handed out a bunch of pamphlets of the restoration, plan of salvation, and gospel of jesus christ, along with little "invitations" to the church building on sunday mornings for the church meetings. well, 80 pamphlets later in the mid-day sun I realized that my water bottle had not spilt in my bag, but that yes. I just drenched 3 to 5 layers of clothing. that's skill right there. Puerto Barrios for ya. 

We had a lesson for "the district 3" the other day. (that's a joke) but it was really good! It was the first lesson, from a reference. we taught the restoration lesson and everything went perfectly! It was smooth, the spirit was there and at times I would think of something that I need to say, and literally two seconds later my companion would say the EXACT same thing out loud. It was pretty legit. We actually ended up commiting her to baptism with a date and everything. We left feeling pretty good that night. 

Sadly though, other days can't always be ideal. Our investigator girl who is 19 years old dropped/postponed her baptismal date. it was supposed to be last saturday night, so we made a plan B for the day, but nothing worked out that evening. all of our thoughts were that we knew why nothing was working out, because we were supposed to be at a BAPTISM right now. but it's okay. Her mom had a lot of influence of her hesitancy. I believe that she will get baptised, though, and soon. she is ready, but is scared of the change that will come in her life. 

We might have eaten 7.5 pieces of cake (some of which were pretty big pieces) in the course of 12 days. You can be jealous, but I'm not super happy about my waist line right now. It is quite werid not being able to choose much of what I get to eat. I miss spinach, kale, and SALADS. we don't get any of that here. 

I think I have a little obsession with peanuts/ peanut butter. I wish it wasn't so expensive here. and I wish they had recees cups (which I wasn't even that big of a fan of before my mission) and my favorite treat from the tiendas are a little pack of chocolate covered peanuts. yum. oh, I think the best milkshake I have ever had was the peanut butter milk shake we had the other day. sooooo gooood. 

There is this lady in our ward who will give exclamations us me and my other US companion when we do something well. It's like a baby learning how to walk, "yyyaaaaaaay! she can speak espaƱol!" ...thanks. 

Everything is "mi culpa" (my fault) whenever something goes wrong (ps our shelf died, and yes, it was "my fault") haha. I know it's just a joke. I'm not offended. But everynight when we are eating dinner out on our balcony at our little plastic table when we talk and something goes wrong, or if something spils the reaction is to fake trowing the table on me. One day we need to actually through that table on someone when they have the culpa. 

I might be an orphan mom. Since hermana Ceballos is going home next week, that leaves just me and hermana Ramirez who have been in this area. She is hopefully/probably going to stay here and continue to train me, but she has some health issues that might put her in the capitol for convenience with the doctors (we are 6 hours away from the cap) so that thought scares me to death. because I really don't KNOW this area. I just follow my companions around, and they know everywhere to go. I have hope that she won't get transferred this next week because God doesn't give us something we can't handle, and I'm really pretty sure I couldn't handle it, so we'll have to see. 

I had a "magic 8 ball" experience the other day because I was sharing my concerns about things that I have had and how they all kind of went the way my feelings were. (sorry if that was confusing) so after that my companions we asking me to tell them about their lives. and I was like uh....and then my companion broke out in laughter saying how I am like a "magic 8 ball" with the "ask later" option. 

Sacrament meeting was special yesterday keeping 4 children and younger busy enough so that the investigators could pay attention and feel the spirit. I kinda felt like a mom with 2 two year olds, a 6 year old, and a 9 year old. whew! good thing I had a couple of pens and my planner for the 2 year olds to color in. I think I need to invest in some crayons. 

I really don't have more time. but life is good. 
I am learning more about how this is a time for love, and the work will come. 

Thank you for all of the support. 
love always, Hermana Hutchins. 
 here are a couple of random pictures. enjoy!
oh, and the one where we are in green white and red is in honor of Mexico's independence day.

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