Tuesday, October 29, 2013

At What Age Can You Give Your Child A Machete

So I don't know how to spell machetti (machete). bbbbuuuuuuuut. apparently a four year old can handle one of those things. just out there. cutting the grass with his dad. with his own machetti. yep. this ain't America people. 

and cigarettes (can't spell that either) aren't for 4 year olds either. ....that one made me sad. 

However, thank you mom for eating vitamins and minerals. I really appreciate my really good body that doesn't have huge problems with it. I know canckles are bad, but I'm getting over it. 

There are sooooo many sick people here. In almost every house someone is sick, or in the hospital, or needs to get an operation. I wish we could just...heal them. 

Clara suprisingly moved. She was my investigator who remembered my name and had the 6 year old son. We have been working with her to get papers so that she can get married (super difficult..we have more compassion for why people don't just get married here...papers) and so she can get baptized. well, long story short, she left for el salvador, and apparently isn't going to come back. We found this out and also that her...fiance is a drinker and doesn't help pay anything. so we are hoping that her life improves in el salvador. We pray for her, and I think she will get baptized. someday. 

Me and my american comp and the other american sister in our puerto barrios area, we eat lunch together at our house every day. and almost every day while we are getting the food ready we sing some American song like "my country tis of thee" or "I love america" but we don't just  sing  it, we sing it, but take turns singing the words. we change who sings at every word. We really like doing this. we love AMERICA!!!!

guatemala is cool too.

we went to quitiwa for p day. It was some pretty cool rocks that maybe someone in the book of mormon helped to make. maybe. 

I have a picture of my comp hna. Ynjo (een-ho) she is a great missionary, and her spanish is almost PERFECT (she still has the gutemalteco words to learn). we are glad to see her progress ;)  she is such a great missionary. We are good friends and I help to teach her spanish. she in from Peru. I am still in my trio, she is the other companion. so it's hna. Ynjo, Ramirez and I . We get along great. 

I am grateful for my loving home ward families (provo and st. George) Those were some pretty great wards to be in. I always felt like I had a family there. we are working with the ward here. We have hopes, but it is hard when the priesthood is limited and when people aren't worthy. 

I am so grateful for all of the prayers and love. I know that is what helps me receive tender mercies and moments filled with love and happiness and the strength to continue, even when I am having a rough time. Some days are hard, and some days are harder, but these are the times that push my strength and diligence to the next level. There isn't time to be down, there is work to do. 

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