Monday, October 7, 2013


first off, I have some questions that I need some help answering: where does the name "Hutchins" come from? (Rachelle probably thinks this is sad, which it is, but it is true, I don't know) however, people here think it is german or something. Also, what is my blood type? I'm pretty sure only my mother can help me out with this one, but yet another thing that people want to know, and I just don't know. sorry. 

Changes happened and I am still happy. However saying goodbye to Hermana Ceballos was sad. But in the words of Hermana Watts, the mission president's wife, "it is better to be sad than to be happy" because this signifies that you had a good 6 weeks together and that the moment of separation was a moment of sadness instead of releif. Our new third hermana, hermana Ynjo is from Peru. she is great, but she does need to remember to turn of lights, close doors, etc. but I like her personality and desire to work, so things should be good. 
They are splitting the area of puerto barrios. We have 2 more sisters here, so that should help with the work. 
I got to see my friend from efy, Hermana Savanah Roll, in the capital. She is now in this mission too and we ended up staying at the same house for the night of changes. She was really happy to have someone she knew there. Sometimes simple things helps bring a lot of support. 

I think I jinxed myself saying that I wasn't sick. I caught the cold. However, it is gone already! I had it fairly bad for a couple of days and I was having a hard time feeling well because of my lack of good sleep. We rode on a litegua (one of the nice busses) to the capitol for one nights worth of sleep, I slept on a caught for another night (which isn't very good for your body to relax) and then I shared a bed for two more nights (because we had 5 girls in a room for 3) hence, my cold was lasting longer than it needed to be and my body was just getting worn out! Now, I've got a couple of nights of good sleep on me, and I am doing much better. 

Coming back from the capitial with Hermana Ramirez was a blast! pretty much one of the best 6 hour bus rides of my life! (the other being the bus tirp for my grad trip to california with Nicki Bailey) We pretty much talked the entire time. We are a couple of good friends. I feel like I get to be blessed to serve with one of my friends as one of my companions.

Yesterday, we were talking to one of our inactive members at her house with all five of us. She was making FLOUR TORTILLAS which is pretty much my favorite thing (cafe rio pork salads are my favorite food thing) so she was making her tortillas and talking to us, which wasn't anything crazy special, but what was so crazy is that that room was a SAUNA! like I don't think I have ever sweat more in my life....and I've had some pretty sweaty experiences in my life. It was so so hot and I was melting like a ......worse than a snow cone on the fourth of july. But this story ends in a happy ending. I got a free trip to the spa AND I got a free flour tortilla...yum!

We went to a castle today for p day. it was a good bus trip away, but it was pretty sweet to go somewhere historic. I should have a picture attached in one of my other mails. 

General Conference! I wish I had my notes on me, but I've gotta say, it was good to watch it in english, even if the tv we were watching it on was SUPER fuzzy. I thought of many of my family, some of my friends, and also of my investigators. I hope we can all APPLY what we learned in that weekend. 

I had a spiritual enlightenment moment opening a jar for my companion. This other day, my companion, hermana Ramirez, was cooking something and had a new jar to open. She is a very independant person, but after about a good minute or two trying to get the jar open she hands it to me and asks if I would help her to open the jar (I knew that that action of asking for my help took a bit of humility). I opened it with instantly with ease. I gave it back to her and she finished cooking. 
Doesn't seem like much of a spiritual story, but it is! Later that evening I was thinking about this experience and how it relates to us and our Heavenly Father. Somethings for us are SO HARD and we can try and try and try to do it by ourselves, and sometimes we  can  do it by ourselves, and sometimes we need His help. We can struggle by ourselves, or we can ask for His help and receive all that we asked (and sometimes more). It takes humility to ask, but He wants to help. He is there for us. He can take our hardest of things and turn them into something very manageable. We can struggle by ourselves, or be supported with Him. 

I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospels of this church. I invite everyone to listen to general conference, and study those messages. We are living in a time to DO what is right, not just BELIEVE it. 

Rachelle gets the award for being best letter sender. Those things are my favorite and ALWAYS brighten my day. 
Hey,if someone is in contact with ELISE BOWEN or EMILEE EDDINGS I would really like their email addresses so that I could hear something from them. it's like they think I'm dead or something. 
Happy birthday to RACHEL THOMPSON who has been my friend since 5th grade. we have a bunch of good memories together, which may include singing in banana chairs and making towers with with the help of cheese plastic.

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