Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tortialls, the key to a missionary's least in Guatemala

ok. This week. well, a highlight for me was this ADORABLE little guatemalan girl giving me a hug for like 5 minutes. she is probably 6 years old, and can definately make  better corn tortilla than I can. She was sooo cute. She was wearing her "tipico" clothing;I kinda want to snatch her up and take her home with me.

Speaking of tortialls, we learned how to make corn tortillas, These women were tortiando (translate that to  tortilling...yes, there is a verb for making tortialls) and we were telling them how we wanted to learn someday. They invited us then and there to work with them. We were there for like an hour and a half learning how to make tortialls. We found like 6 new investigators through making tortillas.

We had a big goal of 20 new investigators this week after the zone conference talking about the standard of excellence, and finding 12 new investigators. We put that goal because the mission put that goal, we prayed, looked,  and put in a good effort. we ended up finding 21! AAAnnnnd we learned how to make corn tortillas. 

 We also learned how to make flour tortialls. like the ones from cafe rio. I am excited to share that one  with my friends and family.

oh, here is a picture of our "armour of God" lesson we did with a couple of teenage girls. My comp is genious. 

Praying in specific and receiving blessings in specific is a real thing. The power of prayer with faith can make miracles happen. 
gotta go!
 love to all

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