Monday, March 24, 2014

eat your vegetables.

This has been a good week. I got a new comp (my old comp was great too!) Hermana Henriquez! when I heard that I was going to get a new comp from puerto barrios zone, I was very happy. I've known hermana Henriquez since her first day in the field. She was companions with my good friend hermana Bender. So now Hermana Henriquez and I are mission partying it up (contacting, teaching, studying...the usual) and hermana bender has a two-person fan club in zacapa. 

Hermana Henriquez is from Honduras and is really tiny and thin. She tells me that she feels like "a sticker on a 100 pg notebook" when she hugs me. I also don't take offense when she tells me my calf is the size of her thigh. haha. yep. I have the response for why I am a "grandota" is because when I was a kid I ate my vegetables. Parents always say, "if you eat your vegetables, you will grow up to be big and strong" well, I guess it worked. Hermana Henriquez openly admits that she did not eat her vegetables as a child. Point proven. 

Hermana Henriquez is teaching me how to love like a latin. Latin friendliness is very different from american friendliness. My personality wants to fight it, but I'm doing some sould searching to approve of letting myself open my heart and change to love like a latin. We'll see... I think I should go for it. 

I love covenants. They are pretty much the coolest things ever. It's like a bunch of promises and promised blessings. I was thinking about how neat it is that we get the opportunity, through the power and blessing of the priesthood, to receive ordinances and covenants. I love that we can fully renew our baptismal covenant every Sunday in sacrament meeting. I was thinking about this the other day, and I had the thought that I want to do another ordinance. well, I've only got one left, and...well, it needs to wait for a bit. At least until I get back to America ;)

We had a ward talent show and I decided to draw a picture of christ in like 3minutes. now the whole ward wants me to draw for them. Yesterday Some menos activo needed help drawing a soccerball for her kid. My comp heard her asking her uncle or something, then my comp was like, "hey, my comp can help you!" So I drew it in like 4 minutes or so. They were very thankful, especially after trying so many times. yay! helping people with my talents! remember, ask the missionaries, they can help you!

the pictures are a drawing I did in hna. potrie's scriptures, and the other is hermana potrie and I

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