Monday, March 24, 2014

I am a representative of Jesus Christ

Changes. se va hermana Potrie. 
only six weeks with my companion, but it was a good 6 weeks. I learned a lot from her. She is super sweet and I know that she will have a lot of success in her life. I am grateful for the loving example she shows to me. She has a way of looking at everything with roses and happiness--something that hasn't been my strong point in life. I still don't think I want to view everything as my favorite, it makes for short boring conversations if EVERYTHING is your favorite/best. But she is super great. I am really glad that I got to know her better. 

We had a really neat multi zone conference with elder ochoa from the 70. He focused a lot on sharing our authority of being representatives of Jesus Christ. Explaining the NEED to do those things that we teach, as well as giving everybody an oportunity to accept the gospel. and being really BOLD. It was awesome and really spiritual, AND I got to see all of my missionary friends from outside of the capital. woohoo!

Meetings like these have helped me a lot. I am grateful for these opportunities. This is the only time I can walk around telling strangers to change their lives in the name of Jesus Christ. It is a large calling to fill. To represent Jesus Christ. it really helps to remember this calling and to do the right. Understanding who I am, " as a representative of Jesus Christ" changes the mission. If all missionaries would understand and act as a representative of Jesus Christ, I believe that there would be great miracles. However, as missionaries, we also need to let our investigators know this fact. That we ARE representatives of JESUS CHRIST. 

Also, every member has this special calling to take upon them the name of Christ. Really, we are ALL special representatives of Jesus Christ. 

This knowledge helps to always remember Him, keep His commandments, and to love others with HIS love. 

other fun things. Sometimes kids think I am 30 to 40 years old. like at least 5 have told me that. 
Other people tell me that I have hair of a doll, just because it is blonde. 

picture of us after soccer. and me and my comp standing out being unformal in our exercize clothes (my natural state of a t shirt and b ball shorts)

picture of my desk/table: my "tower of bable"'s my tower trying to get myself closer to God. 

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